brighton yoga classes

Brighton yoga classes was shown a you tube clip which i have linked below by a brain scientist who described the left and right brain differences. In a nut shell the left brain is the ‘logical’ ‘ego’ mind and right side is ‘expanded consciousness’ and feeling of connectedness. I’m revising for my finals at the moment, looking back through homework’s of 2 yrs ago and reading my understanding of yoga reminded me of this clip again. Yoga is a tool/process of getting into the right brain. It reminds us, guides us to experiencing that ever present felling of bliss and connection. When practiced in a sensitive and intelligent way i.e by ‘feeling’ the philosophy of yoga – not pushing or striving to be ‘better’ or bend further, but by being sensitive and open, really being in the moment, letting past and future stories melt away and just being, switching the mind of and breathing – that’s when we get that taste of complete stillness, bliss! And its there whenever we choose to turn to it!

Watch the clip – its very inspiring!


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