Brighton Yoga Classes

Brighton Yoga Classes incorporates chanting into the yoga classes in Brighton.  The most favorite and simplest of chants is Om. Here is a great description of its meaning and why we use it in our yoga classes in Brighton.

Om is the most basic and fundamental mantra in the yogic tradition.  It is a magical sound, the sound of all sounds, the sound of energy itself.  It is an external expression of that internal sound vibration that is present in ALL living beings.  In this way, when we OM, we connect and align ourselves with all living beings and with the universe itself.  We create unity and increase our consciousness by chanting it.

When we Om, we literally tune our instrument through the vibration we create.  We awaken dormant energy and prepare the body for our yoga practices: pranayama, chanting, asana or meditation.  We tap into our energetic forces so that they can ascend from the mundane to the divine.

Om is the great eraser; it purifies our vibration and helps us to become present. When we chant Om, we let go of our limitations and baggage and we open ourselves up to possibility.  We move away from the thinking mind and the ego-driven small self and allow ourselves to feel and experience the vibration of life, the vibration that links us all.

Try it!  Sit quietly, start softly.  Inhale a breath, exhale Om.  Do it 3 times out loud, and then sit still and bask in the vibration.  Feel connected.  Feel at peace.

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